Chart Your Career Path

AHIMA developed Learning Pathways to offer a navigational tool for you to easily identify, align, and target your professional and educational needs with our publications, courses, and audio seminars. Learning Pathways includes four learning levels: awareness, knowledge, application/analysis, and advanced. Each level is defined and described so you can select books, courses, and meetings that most beneficial to you in planning your career. As you make your career and continuing education plans, you'll find AHIMA Learning Pathways a terrific resource to guide you in your educational selections.

We have also organized our publications, courses, and seminars into content areas so that it is easier to find the tools and resources that meet your specific learning goals and requirements. Each of our publications, courses, and seminars is aligned both a learning level and a content area, offering a pathway to learning.

AHIMA Learning Pathways Allow You To:

CONNECT your professional development/educational goals to our publications, courses, and audio seminars to ensure you select what you need. (target resources that will benefit you.)

PLAN for your professional development and educational learning goals by off ering an overview of all the publications, courses, and seminars off ered in your area(s) of expertise.

ADVANCE your HIM and coding knowledge and skills by having a targeted and documented approach to learning that allows you to master the skills and knowledge to move forward in your career.

Learning Categories

Clinical Documentation Improvement -- Includes products related to accurate clinical documentation, official documentation requirements, and career pathways across multiple healthcare setting.

Higher Education -- Includes products related to formulating, developing, or advancing a health information management career.

Privacy & Security -- Includes products related to all aspects of healthcare privacy, confidentiality, and security, including patient access, compliance and regulatory issues.

Informatics/Data Analytics -- Includes products related to acquire, manage, analyze, interpret, and transform data into accurate and consistent information in a timely manner.

Information Governance -- Includes products applicable to information as a strategic asset used for organizational decision-making, performance improvement, cost management, and risk mitigation.

Consumer Engagment & Advocacy -- Includes resources to assist in the representation of health information management in the consumer and policy areas.

Certification -- Includes products related to AHIMA credentials designed to position you as a leader and role model in the health informatics and information management community.

Convention -- Includes products specifically related to those held in conjunction with AHIMA's Annual Convention and Exhibit including pre-post convention workshops, sponsorship opportunities, keynote speakers, convention tracks, special events, etc.

Global -- Includes products related to AHIMA’s vision is to lead the advancement and ethical use of quality health information to promote health and wellness worldwide.

Membership -- Includes information related to AHIMA member benefits, opportunities to join and key industry resources.

Periodicals -- Includes information related to AHIMA's numerous periodicals, journals, newsletters and blogs.

Standards -- Includes products and information related to the advancement of healthcare related standards to promote health and wellness.

InPatient/Physician Coding -- Includes products specific to addressing accurate code assignment, prospective payment systems, and official coding guidelines across multiple healthcare settings. Topics such as acute care inpatient, physician, facility outpatient, MS-DRG, APCs, OPPS, and IPPS.

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